Friday, November 20, 2009


Produced by Burberry Entertainment on behalf of both the ABC and the BBC, Dead Gorgeous is a beautifully produced tale of three sisters from the 1800's who return to the modern-day land of the living.

We have been commissioned to produce the opening titles for the show. This takes the shape of a 'pop-up book' style journey through the girls old house, which has now become a bustling school campus. 

To give the titles a unique look we used a technique called 'photogrammetry', a process where many high-resolution photos are taken of the physical locations and then the resulting images are cut, warped and arranged together in such a way that they can form a 3D 'set' that can be navigated through. Alternate versions of the title were produced for each block in the series. 

Dead Gorgeous is set to air early in 2010 on ABC, BBC and Nickelodeon.

Check out the titles here