Tuesday, February 25, 2014


INXS: Never Tear Us Apart hit Australian screens recently, pulling in an impressive audience and rave reviews from the press. Produced by Shine and Directed by Daina Reid, it's a bitter sweet and faithful retelling of the fame and tragedy surrounding the band.

We produced over a hundred shots for the two-part telemovie, including CG vehicles, aircraft, extras duplication, TV burn-ins, exterior digimattes, archival repair, technical fixes and countless augments and removals throughout. We even recreated the Suicide Blonde music video in all its 'tape suite' glory. With our team on call throughout production, many departments had access to our time and resource saving techniques, resulting in quick solutions to traditional limitations in locations, extras, vehicles, production design and much more.

Keep an eye out for INXS on retail shelves soon!

Saturday, February 1, 2014


December Productions 2013 hit, Dr.Blake Mysteries is coming back for a well deserved second season. Set in 1950's Victoria, Blake features a range of period locations and action sequences that require some complicated digital trickery, continuing on from our work on the first series.

Over 350 shots were created for this season, mainly removal of modern elements from locations but also lots of extras duplication, stunt augmentation, digimattes, ants, bees and heaps more.

For a breakdown of some of the work we have done on Series 2, check out the behind the scenes here.

Keep an eye out for Dr.Blake coming to ABC soon!