Thursday, September 12, 2002


Chroma have just been brought in to produce the opening titles for the upcoming BBC childrens drama, 'Bootleg'.

Set in an alternate future, chocolate is banned and a band of kids take matters into their own hands.

The title features huge vats of melted chocolate about to take their final form with titles appearing before being stirred in to the mix. Directed by Matthew Saville. Chroma also produced a ‘One News’ opener that appears during the series.

Monday, May 6, 2002


Working again with director, Matthew Saville, the opening titles for Cox Knight production 'Worst Best Friends', required a cel-shaded animated sequence with 2D characters walking around a 3D environment. The original hand-drawn source sketches were scanned before being digitally traced and colored, creating a sharp cartoon look. The three animated characters were then composited into the 3D backgrounds and timed to match object and camera moves.

The 3D backgrounds were designed to continue the flat look of the characters, but enable more movement and interactivity with the environment, such as the large extruded numbers which were added along with the retro-styled typography to complete the sequence.

Monday, February 4, 2002


Chroma are pleased to be producing the opening titles for Burberry Productions new youth series, Short Cuts.

Art directed by Matthew Saville, the title was shot on 16mm and then composited and finished in HD. As the series revolves around a group of film school students, the titles called for a deconstructive mix of imagery, mediums and looks - and Matt is the guy for the job. The result is a densely layered, visually rich mash-up running nearly 80 seconds (nearly 2% of the programs duration!)