Thursday, July 26, 2012

HOWZAT! (Telemovie)

Southern Star's latest tele-movie chronicles Kerry Packer's struggle launching World Series Cricket as a more media-friendly enterprise in the 1970's.

We were brought on board to produce a range of effects solutions for the two part tele-movie.
In addition to the creation of several CG shots including stadium and backgrounds for gameplay sequences, there was also a huge amount of removals, augmentations and cleanups required across the two episodes. This was crucial in providing locations, production design and the crew itself with time-saving solutions to logistic, creative and safety factors on set, while still delivering the scope and realism the script demands.

The productions multi-format approach to shooting had us working with Alexa, DigiBeta and original archival footage, modifying, matching and integrating cast into old broadcast footage.

UPDATE: Click here to read The Age's recent article on our involvement in Howzat!, watch some exclusive video breakdowns of the effects via The Age's iPAD App and hear an in-depth discussion on how Howzat! leveraged VFX to solve production issues on FBiRadio 94.5FM

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