Monday, February 25, 2013


As many people are excited to hear, Shaun Micallef's excellent Mad As Hell will return to screens in 2013. Our opening titles from series one remain as we continue to assist with various VFX and animated gags for the show.

UPDATE: Mad As Hell was nominated 'Best Comedy' award at this years AACTA Awards. Nice!

Check out the latest episodes on iView...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Due to hit cinemas this year, Winter of the Dead (METELESTA) is the first big-production zombie feature to come out of Russia. Directed by Nikolai Pigarev and produced by Red Spy, it follows a small group caught in a mid-summer snowstorm that causes the dead to rise and terrorise the city!

In addition to providing mixing facilities and sound design for the film, we were also commissioned to design and produce the 60 second opening titles in both English and Russian, taking the form of an animated sequence which plays with the themes of snow, trees and veins all presented in an aggressive, deconstructive style.

In line with our sound design duties, we were also tasked with composing and producing the title track that accompanies the vision, creating a strong link between picture and sound, a unique approach to title production, resulting in a tightly syncopated sequence.