Friday, June 20, 2003


It's titles time again this month with Chroma producing another HD title with Director, Matt Saville for Burberry's new series, ' Fergus McPhail'. The title features the main character interacting with his imaginary twin in a constantly revolving scene. Footage was shot on S16 and the two fergus' composited digitally into the master shot with 3D tracked type elements added throughout.

This is the second title produced for Burberry with ' Short Cuts' being the first, produced in 2001.

Monday, May 5, 2003


Matthew Saville's 2003 film ' Roy Hollsdotter Live' surprised audiences with its strong performances and clever writing.

Having worked with director, Matthew Saville for many years on a range of projects, Chroma were brought in to produce a variety of effects for his first full-length feature. Work required compositing and creation of several digital mattes, addition of various visual effects and production of the opening titles. Chroma also produced the 'Claire De Loon' sequence that features in the film, with footage shot and post completed overnight.

A simple titles treatment was produced along with the regrading and effecting of several key scenes throughout the film. Various visual themes, such as lens flares and subtle effecting of background elements were added throughout and several digital mattes were produced to transform a midday exterior scene into a late afternoon thunderstorm.

To assist with the film's hectic shooting schedule, Chroma were also employed to create the 'Claire de Loon' musical sequence which required the acquisition of night-time traffic footage and a composited edit where the lights begin to dance to the Debussy track. The sequence was shot and posted overnight to meet the tight production schedule.

The film was well received by audiences, picking up a Dendy award, an ACS Golden Tripod and an official selection at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2003.

Saturday, April 12, 2003


I recently returned from Asia after performing a live visual show for the Nokia 'Musiconnects' launch event in Hong Kong.

Chroma were commissioned by Megaworks HK to produce a live themed visual show for the launch of the new Nokia range. This amazing event was held in a massive inflatable dome on the end of the old Hong Kong runway and featured incredible decor, food and live music. We put together a whole range of visuals and purpose shot footage depicting how music effects different lifestyles. I kept the content flowing throughout the night on dozens of plasma panels and massive wall projections, while long-time Chroma buddies, 'Lychee Martini' provided the sounds.