Friday, November 20, 2009


Produced by Burberry Entertainment on behalf of both the ABC and the BBC, Dead Gorgeous is a beautifully produced tale of three sisters from the 1800's who return to the modern-day land of the living.

We have been commissioned to produce the opening titles for the show. This takes the shape of a 'pop-up book' style journey through the girls old house, which has now become a bustling school campus. 

To give the titles a unique look we used a technique called 'photogrammetry', a process where many high-resolution photos are taken of the physical locations and then the resulting images are cut, warped and arranged together in such a way that they can form a 3D 'set' that can be navigated through. Alternate versions of the title were produced for each block in the series. 

Dead Gorgeous is set to air early in 2010 on ABC, BBC and Nickelodeon.

Check out the titles here

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Underbelly returns to screens early next year with the third saga in the series, titled 'The Golden Mile'

This time the corruption of NSW police in 1980's Kings Cross is the focus for the series, along with all the drugs, sex and violence that came with it. 

We are also back to produce the opening titles, again presented in the classic UB style and including design of the new 'Golden Mile' sub-branding to go with our original Underbelly logo. A set of bumpers and other broadcast elements were also produced.

The titles for the epic drama have become quite unique in that they are structurally the same across all series and feature the same music, but with a distinctive shift in the time period, image styling and colour ways.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Top exhibition designers, Think!OTS have just completed a new addition to the Sovereign Hill history park, called 'Trapped!'.

Visitors exit from an underground railway and are lead through a perfect recreation of an 1880's era mine, moments before it begins to flood. The audience learns the story of this historical tragedy first hand, experiencing what it must have been like to be trapped in the doomed mine. A range of techniques are used to tell the story, ending in a large pepper's ghost effect where the township seems to appear in the depths of a moon pool, while above, the 'faces' projections tell the story of the friends and family of the miners trapped below.

We produced the projection content for the exhibition which included the hologram-style 'faces', created to conform to 3D shapes hidden in the darkness of the exhibit, with the illusion of floating in space.

UPDATE: Awarded 2011 AVIA Special commendation for 'Trapped!'

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Bed of Roses debuted last year on ABC and steadily built up a loyal following amongst viewers.

Series 2 is now nearing completion and we have been brought back to provide some visual effect services to the show with post facility, Blue Post. Alongside the usual rig removals and technical work we also produced several shots of an animated CG lizard for one of the episodes.

Our opening titles from series 1 remain with updates for this seasons cast.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009


After a well received first series, Rush is set for an action packed return in 2009.

Chroma are also returning to provide more of the visual effects work that helped to propel the show's ratings last year. During the first series, we produced a diverse range of VFX for Rush including CG helicopters and set pieces, digimattes, CG weapons fire and bullet hits, along with complex retouching, rig removal and stunt sequence work.

Rush looks set to go even bigger this year - Stay tuned.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


Triple Zero Heroes is Fremantle's new emergency services program due on Seven this year.
The show re-enacts real life emergencies and talks to the people involved as they reflect on the actual 000 call recordings.

Chroma are producing the opening titles and graphics package for the show. We are also providing post production visual effects to re-create the many accident scenes and moments of peril featured during the dramatic re-enactments.

The show is currently in production and is due to air on Seven in Q1/09.

Friday, January 2, 2009

BOGAN PRIDE (MiniSeries)

A six-part series on SBS, Bogan Pride is a thoroughly suburban Aussie comedy.

We produced several VFX shots for the series including a scene where Rebel's hair catches on fire during a school concert. We also carried out some very tricky abberation removal, where lens reflections in one scene were dancing around the actors faces.

Bogan Pride aired in Q4/2008 on SBS.


Veteran comedian, Peter Moon is returning to screens this year as.... Peter Moon.

Produced by Ruby Entertainment and presented in the style of 'Curb your enthusiasm', the show follows the daily grind of leveraging past fame and milking it for all it's worth. Featuring some great cameos and snappy writing from Brendan Luno, "WHTTG" is due to hit screens in the next few months.

We produced some exterior effects for the show and various bits including an image of a dog as it goes through an airport xray machine. Weird. 

Thursday, January 1, 2009


The Librarians returns to ABC this year and we have just produced a couple of CG shots for the first episode. CG flames and other elements were added to various exterior shots of the 'Series 1' library creating a very realistic inferno that follows an arson attack on the building.

The Librarians can be found Wednesday nights on ABC.

CHROMA@WORLD EXPO 2010 (Visuals)

Back in 2005 we were involved in creating the 'DataForest', a 12-minute, 80-screen, totemic video installation for the Australian Pavillion at the World Expo in Japan

We are pleased to announce that we are again commissioned, by ThinkOTS Worldwide to produce another cutting-edge installation at next year's World Expo in Shanghai in 2010. I've been engaged as senior creative director alongside Pete Ford, Dave White and Alistar Flemming, tasked with designing and producing the content for 'Act2' - a massive, moving video installation in a 360˚ theatre.

Check out some early glimpses of the building and regular updates on Expo2010 HERE.