Friday, June 15, 2018

UNDERTOW (Feature)

Miranda Nation's debut feature Undertow stars Laura Gordon (Saw V), Olivia DeJonge (Better Watch Out) and Rob Collins (Glitch).

Undertow is a confronting look at obsession and loss as a photo-journalist struggles with miscarriage coupled with the suspicion of her husbands affair, growing into a dangerous infatuation to find out more about his mistress and her own inner darkness.

Chroma provided VFX for the feature from surreal visuals to numerous production and location enhancements.

Undertow premiered at MIFF 2018.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Reflections in the dust is a confronting feature from Australian filmmaker Luke Sullivan.

Shot in stark black and white and staring Robin Royce Queree and Sarah Noubolt, an unknown event has destroyed civilisation leaving a daughter and father to wrestle with the past in a world with no future.

Chroma provided several visual effects shots for the film which comes to screens in 2019.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

TRUE STORY S2 (Series)

Hamish and Andy's True Story returns for a second series and even taller tales.

The team at Chroma return to provide an eclectic mix of visual gags for the show, including CG integration, location augmentation, stunt enhancement, animation and dozens of production design solutions.

Keep an eye out for True Story S2 coming soon!

Friday, May 11, 2018


Spun off from the highly popular Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on ABC, this new series on the Seven Network makes a move from the roaring 20's to the groovy 60's in fine style.

Miss Fishers Modern Mysteries stars Geraldine Hakewill (Wanted) as Peregrine Fisher with Joel Jackson (Peter Allen: Not the boy next door) as her police counterpart and an excellent supporting cast, the series has a lot of fun with an era of Melbourne's history that was an exciting time for change for women, much like the 1930's with the original series.

Following on from our work on the original series (and upcoming feature film!), the team at Chroma provided a huge range of visual effects across the 6 part series, including location augmentation, stunt and practical enhancement, CG integration and many production design and editorial solutions.

Don't miss Miss Fisher's Modern Mysteries on Seven.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Joan Lindsay's classic novel 'Picnic At Hanging Rock' comes to life in this sprawling miniseries from Foxtel.

Directed by Larysa Kondracki (Walking Dead/Legion) and Michael Rymer (Hannibal/Queen of the Damned) and produced by Jo Porter and Brett Popplewell for Fremantle Media.

The team at Chroma produced over 800 shots for the 6-part series encompassing a huge range of VFX techniques including set extension, location and live action augmentation, CG integration, surreal illusions, stunts and atmospheric effects, in addition to an extensive range of technical fixes, digital removals and production design enhancements throughout. Chroma also provided editorial support, pre-visualisation, asset creation and footage acquisition during production.

Chroma's unique production solutions enabled an optimised shooting schedule, increased visual scope and provided solutions to many logistical issues with extensive VFX supervision both on location and in studio.

Picnic at Hanging Rock comes to Foxtel and Amazon in May.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Cult classic Romper Stomper returns as an epic long-form series from Stan.

Shot in 4K and the first Australian drama to post produce in the HDR format, Romper Stomper is a high stakes drama that follows a new generation of right-wing activists as they clash with their anti-fascist counterparts. The series is Directed by Daina Reid, Geoffery Wright and James Robinson, and produced by John Edwards and Dan Edwards (Roadshow Rough Diamond) for the Stan service.

The team at Chroma produced all of the 4K visual effects for the 6 part series, ranging across hundreds of production design enhancements throughout, from location augmentation and CG integration to stunt and action sequence enhancements.

Romper Stomper hits the Stan service New Years Day.