Wednesday, July 12, 2017

GLITCH S2 (Series)

Following up on the award winning first series, Glitch returns with a second season in 2017.

Now a Netflix Original, season two was entirely produced in 4K and continues the intriguing story of the 'risen' with all the twists and turns fans of the show expect.

Having produced the VFX for the original series, Chroma's team return once again to deliver a huge range of visual effects for series two with over 400 shots delivered ranging from location augmentation and production enhancement, right through to stunts and surreal CG elements.

The Matchbox production is directed by director Emma Freeman and Tony Kravitz and produced by Julie Eckersley. Glitch S2 heads to the ABC this year and is certainly not to be missed!

Monday, July 10, 2017


Five Provocations is a confronting and playful feature from Angie Black / BlackEye Films.

The lives of four very different people fall apart and come together in this performance-driven drama about identity, loss and finding yourself.

Chroma produced several visual effects and technical enhancements for the film.