Friday, July 10, 2009


Top exhibition designers, Think!OTS have just completed a new addition to the Sovereign Hill history park, called 'Trapped!'.

Visitors exit from an underground railway and are lead through a perfect recreation of an 1880's era mine, moments before it begins to flood. The audience learns the story of this historical tragedy first hand, experiencing what it must have been like to be trapped in the doomed mine. A range of techniques are used to tell the story, ending in a large pepper's ghost effect where the township seems to appear in the depths of a moon pool, while above, the 'faces' projections tell the story of the friends and family of the miners trapped below.

We produced the projection content for the exhibition which included the hologram-style 'faces', created to conform to 3D shapes hidden in the darkness of the exhibit, with the illusion of floating in space.

UPDATE: Awarded 2011 AVIA Special commendation for 'Trapped!'