Thursday, June 21, 2012


We have had the pleasure of working with Shaun on SBS's 'Newstopia', producing the opening titles, graphics and VFX for all three seasons, including the crazy Inspector Herring final episode. It's huge popularity and weekly format were both gruelling and exciting, but like all good things, it had to come to an end - UNTIL NOW!

Mr. Micallef returns to current affairs with a acidic twist with 'MAD AS HELL' for ABC, bringing intelligent news satire back to Australian screens every week.

We have been tasked with designing and producing the opening titles and graphics package, and we went a little nuts! Inspired by Fritz Lang, MC Echer and film noir, we set out to create a unique opener with an irate ABC viewer heading into orbit to vent his frustrations!

We also created the on air graphics package and are supporting the show with various visual effects gags throughout the series.

Check out the official site for the latest episode!