Sunday, February 2, 2020


Following on from dozens of books and the wildly popular television series, Miss Fisher finally makes it to the big screen in The Crypt of Tears, taking her into the deserts of 1930's Palestine to locate a mystical artifact and unravel the mystery around it.

Shot in Morocco and Australia and directed by Tony Tilse, the film takes the Phryne formula to a new level, with excitement, intrigue and playful investigation at every turn. Returning favorites including Nathan Page and Miriam Margoyles are joined by an amazing cast including Rupert Penry-Jones, John Waters, Jacqueline McKenzie, Daniel Lapaine to mention just a few.

Having worked on the three original series, Chroma return to deliver over 500 VFX shots throughout the film, providing location and production design enhancements, CG integration, set extension, vehicles, action stunts and much more. Chroma also provided investment support for the production.

Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears was released by Village Roadshow in 2020 to great success and has recently been selected for the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Sunday, January 19, 2020


Joel Kohn's recent short film, The Mirror follows contemporary teenager who uncovers a mysterious portal to Nazi occupied Poland and discovers a friendship that links her families past with the present.

The Mirror has picked up numerous festival awards, most recently winning the 2020 AACTA for Best Short Film.

Chroma produced a range of evocative effects for the short including the mirror portal sequence and other enhancements.

Friday, January 10, 2020


The Gloaming is a new genre crime drama coming to Stan in 2020.

Shot in Tasmania and staring Emma Booth, Ewen Leslie and Aaron Pedersen, The Gloaming follows the story of a troubled police woman who, while investigating a recent murder, uncovers links to a cold case that drags her into a dangerous and supernatural world.

The visual diversity of The Gloaming story called for a wide range of visual effects solutions across the 8-part series. Chroma produced over 500 shots for the 4K HDR series ranging from CG integration, live action augmentation, stunt and location enhancement and numerous production design enhancements throughout.

The Gloaming comes to Stan on New Years Day.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020


Paul Hogan returns alongside an all-star cameo cast including John Cleese, Chevy Chase, Kerry Armstrong, Clayton Jacobson, Luke Hemsworth and dozens more in The Very Excellent Mr.Dundee.

Directed by Dean Murphy, the semi-fictional comedy follows Paul as he races around LA to restore his reputation on the eve of receiving a knighthood.

Chroma were brought in to produce over 150 4K shots for the feature including CG integration, simulated travel, technical correction and other production design enhancements throughout.

Look out for The Very Excellent Mr. Dundee in cinemas this year.

Monday, January 6, 2020


Shot in Melbourne, Chinese-Australian co-production The Whistleblower is a non-stop action feature directed by Xialou Xue (Finding Mr.Right).

Following a fatal accident, a Chinese expatriate working for an Australian mining company stumbles across an environmental conspiracy that has terrifying global consequences.

Chroma produced over 500 shots for the feature, encompassing a huge range of production solutions including vehicle and stunt sequences, CG integration, live action augmentation and hundreds of production design enhancements throughout.

The Whistleblower comes to cinemas in December 2019.

Sunday, January 5, 2020


Filmed at The Malthouse and produced by Guesswork Television for Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Originals Stand up Specials showcases 10 of Australia funniest comedian including Judith Lucy, Tom Gleeson, Lano and Woodley, Zoƫ Coombs Marr, Tom Walker, Celia Pacquola and many more.

Chroma's team provided production design enhancements and technical work across the 10 episode, 4K series.

Check out Amazon Stand up Specials on Amazon Prime video.

Friday, January 3, 2020


Popular Network 10 sitcom, How To Stay Married returns to screens with a second series in 2020.

The team at Chroma produced a wide range of production design enhancements, technical corrections and fun visual gags across the 8-episode series.

How To Stay Married comes to Network 10 in 2020.

Thursday, January 2, 2020


Tasmania's favorite real estate agents are back with series 4 of Rosehaven. Chroma also return to produce a wide range of visual effects, production design enhancements and technical work across the series.

Rosehaven comes to ABC in 2020.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Rocky and Me is a one off episode produced by CJZ/Disrupted for ABC, which tells the story of Stella, a girl living with cerebral palsy who's first wheelchair creates a new world of freedom and independence. Chroma provided in-kind support with a range of visual effects throughout.

Rocky and Me comes to ABC soon.

Saturday, September 21, 2019


Part Time Private Eyes was the big winner of Channel 10's recent 'Pilot Week', getting great responses from audiences and strong ratings. The half hour comedy pilot was produced by CJZ with Chroma producing visual effects and titles for the show.

Fingers crossed we see Part Time Private Eyes return as a series in 2020!

Friday, July 12, 2019


Danger Close is the latest film from director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog, Boxing Day), staring Travis Fimmel (Vikings) and Richard Roxburgh (Rake) and produced by Deeper Water and Red Dune.

The film covers the real life 'Battle of Long Tan' during the 1966 Vietnam conflict which saw a small company of Australian soldiers pitted against impossible odds and hundreds of enemy combatants.

Chroma produced over 800 shots for the feature, providing production-wide solutions for locations, weapons, practical effects, stunts, vehicles, extras duplication, weather and production design enhancement, allowing the film to shoot quickly and safely in challenging locations.

Danger Close: The battle of Long Tan hits cinemas August 8 2019.

Theatrical Trailer

Saturday, June 1, 2019


Staring David Arquette, Jackson Gallagher, Kendal Rae, Belinda McClory and produced by SunJive productions, 2099: The Soldier Protocol is set in a shadowy facility that imprisons test subjects for its 'future soldier' program, but their latest plaything becomes much more than they can handle.

Chroma produced several hundred 4K shots for the film including stunt enhancements, weapon effects, CG integration and a wide range of production design solutions.

2099: The Soldier Protocol comes to US cinemas in March 2020.

Friday, May 31, 2019


CJZ's new crime drama series, My Life Is Murder comes to the Ten network this year.

Staring Lucy Lawless, Bernard Curry and Ebony Vagulans, the show follows Alexa Crowe as she juggles the frustrations of own life while solving a series of vicious and baffling crimes.

With a focus on technology and social media to help provide the clues, this 10-part series provides a good dose of light hearted yet dramatic entertainment.

The team at Chroma produced several hundred VFX shots across series providing solutions for stunts, location and production design, including unique opening titles for each episode.

My Life is Murder comes to Network Ten in July.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FRAYED (Series)

Frayed is a very funny yet bitter sweet, riches to rags tale set in the late 1980's. Written and starring Sarah Kendall and featuring a great supporting cast including Kerry Armstrong, Robert Webb, Diane Morgan and Matt Passmore it follows the story of a wealthy London housewife who is forced to return to her true past in Newcastle, Australia.

This Australian / British co-pro was produced in 4K HDR by Guesswork, with Chroma producing hundreds of VFX shots for the 6 part series, including production design enhancements, stunts and location augmentations throughout.

Frayed comes to ABC and SKY UK this year.

Thursday, May 9, 2019


Australian Gangster is the latest crime drama from Roadshow Rough Diamond, producers of the critically acclaimed Romper Stomper.

This two-part miniseries follow the self destructive trajectory of a local Sydney thug as he attempts to balance a normal suburban life with a glamourous crime lifestyle.

Chroma delivered over 200 shots for the 2-part, 4K series including stunt and location augmentation and a wide range of production design enhancements throughout.

Australian Gangster comes to the Seven Network in 2019.

Thursday, May 2, 2019


Gristmill latest kids series, The Inbestigators is an adorable comedy drama focusing around an investigative agency run by children, with the grown ups at Chroma providing several VFX shots for the show.

The Inbestigators comes to ABC Me and Netflix in 2019.

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Eddie Izzard stars alongside local talent Emily Taheny, Luke McKenzie and Tina Bursill in The Flip Side, directed by Marion Pilowsky.

The film follows Henry (Izzard) as he returns to Adelaide to rekindle an old romance, but as always it's complicated. Chroma provided a wide range of VFX for the feature, from location augmentation to production design enhancement.

The Flip Side comes to Australian cinemas in August 2019.

Friday, June 15, 2018

UNDERTOW (Feature)

Miranda Nation's debut feature Undertow stars Laura Gordon (Saw V), Olivia DeJonge (Better Watch Out) and Rob Collins (Glitch).

Undertow is a confronting look at obsession and loss as a photo-journalist struggles with miscarriage coupled with the suspicion of her husbands affair, growing into a dangerous infatuation to find out more about his mistress and her own inner darkness.

Chroma provided VFX for the feature from surreal visuals to numerous production and location enhancements.

Undertow premiered at MIFF 2018.

Thursday, June 14, 2018


Reflections in the dust is a confronting feature from Australian filmmaker Luke Sullivan.

Shot in stark black and white and staring Robin Royce Queree and Sarah Noubolt, an unknown event has destroyed civilisation leaving a daughter and father to wrestle with the past in a world with no future.

Chroma provided several visual effects shots for the film which comes to screens in 2019.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

TRUE STORY S2 (Series)

Hamish and Andy's True Story returns for a second series and even taller tales.

The team at Chroma return to provide an eclectic mix of visual gags for the show, including CG integration, location augmentation, stunt enhancement, animation and dozens of production design solutions.

Keep an eye out for True Story S2 coming soon!

Friday, May 11, 2018


Spun off from the highly popular Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries on ABC, this new series on the Seven Network makes a move from the roaring 20's to the groovy 60's in fine style.

Miss Fishers Modern Mysteries stars Geraldine Hakewill (Wanted) as Peregrine Fisher with Joel Jackson (Peter Allen: Not the boy next door) as her police counterpart and an excellent supporting cast, the series has a lot of fun with an era of Melbourne's history that was an exciting time for change for women, much like the 1930's with the original series.

Following on from our work on the original series (and upcoming feature film!), the team at Chroma provided a huge range of visual effects across the 6 part series, including location augmentation, stunt and practical enhancement, CG integration and many production design and editorial solutions.

Don't miss Miss Fisher's Modern Mysteries on Seven.

Thursday, March 15, 2018


Joan Lindsay's classic novel 'Picnic At Hanging Rock' comes to life in this sprawling miniseries from Foxtel.

Directed by Larysa Kondracki (Walking Dead/Legion) and Michael Rymer (Hannibal/Queen of the Damned) and produced by Jo Porter and Brett Popplewell for Fremantle Media.

The team at Chroma produced over 800 shots for the 6-part series encompassing a huge range of VFX techniques including set extension, location and live action augmentation, CG integration, surreal illusions, stunts and atmospheric effects, in addition to an extensive range of technical fixes, digital removals and production design enhancements throughout. Chroma also provided editorial support, pre-visualisation, asset creation and footage acquisition during production.

Chroma's unique production solutions enabled an optimised shooting schedule, increased visual scope and provided solutions to many logistical issues with extensive VFX supervision both on location and in studio.

Picnic at Hanging Rock comes to Foxtel and Amazon in May.

Monday, January 1, 2018


Cult classic Romper Stomper returns as an epic long-form series from Stan.

Shot in 4K and the first Australian drama to post produce in the HDR format, Romper Stomper is a high stakes drama that follows a new generation of right-wing activists as they clash with their anti-fascist counterparts. The series is Directed by Daina Reid, Geoffery Wright and James Robinson, and produced by John Edwards and Dan Edwards (Roadshow Rough Diamond) for the Stan service.

The team at Chroma produced all of the 4K visual effects for the 6 part series, ranging across hundreds of production design enhancements throughout, from location augmentation and CG integration to stunt and action sequence enhancements.

Romper Stomper hits the Stan service New Years Day.

Sunday, November 12, 2017


Directed and starring Clayton Jacobson (Kenny), real life brother, Shane Jacobson (Jack Irish, The Dressmaker) and screen veterans Kim Gyngell and Lynette Curran, 'Brothers' Nest' is a darkly funny tale that follows two criminal siblings as they return home with a plan to finally deal with their cruel patriarch, but conflicts soon arise as the true past is revealed.

Chroma provided over 100 VFX shots for the feature ranging from production design enhancement, CG integration and environmental effects to stunt enhancement and live action augmentation.

Keep an eye out for Brothers' Nest in 2018.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

GLITCH S2 (Series)

Following up on the award winning first series, Glitch returns with a second season in 2017.

Now a Netflix Original, season two was entirely produced in 4K and continues the intriguing story of the 'risen' with all the twists and turns fans of the show expect.

Having produced the VFX for the original series, Chroma's team return once again to deliver a huge range of visual effects for series two with over 400 shots delivered ranging from location augmentation and production enhancement, right through to stunts and surreal CG elements.

The Matchbox production is directed by director Emma Freeman and Tony Kravitz and produced by Julie Eckersley. Glitch S2 heads to the ABC this year and is certainly not to be missed!