Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We're proud to announce our nomination for Best Visual Effects at the upcoming AFI's for Showtime's Cloudstreet.

This highly visual production featured over 200 shots covering just about every technique in the book from CG aircraft, trains, kangaroos, jumping fish, talking pigs, flipping coins to surreal dream-like sequences like rowing through stars and fields of wheat. With such a wide range of effects and a tight schedule the team at Chroma worked tirelessly to deliver the level of work that a tale like Cloudstreet deserves - so a big shout out to compositor Stuart Elith and CG artists Harsh Borah and Rob Dowling.

It was an honour to be involved with such a great Australian story and a pleasure to see everyone's hard work across the production being recognised by audiences and industry alike.

Cloudstreet picked up 7 nominations all together including: Best MiniSeries, Best Screenplay, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Young Actor and Best Visual Effects.

I'd like to personally thank Matt Saville and Screentime for their commitment, trust and support throughout the project and wish all nominees the best of luck next year!

Check out the trailer here and some VFX breakdowns here.